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Blog / Lettersmarket / Creative Facebook messages with LettersMarket!

Creative Facebook messages with LettersMarket!

By using our site (, you can write a creative message on Facebook (any word, symbols or letters). To do this, go to the page with the letter and click "Like". After this action the letter added to your feed (on your Facebook wall).Facebook creative message


And a small picture with letters. In this way, you can write a word or phrase.
Let's look at an example and write the word "HAPPY". Whatever words are read from top to bottom, you need to type a word in the reverse order.

Facebook creative message - instruction
Go and celebrate the letter "Y" with the button "LIKE", then the same process for the letter "P", "P", "A", "H".
Done! We wrote the word "HAPPY". You can use other letters to spell a word. Advise withstand a short pause between the letters that would not disrupt the order of the letters in the word.

Facebook creative message - example

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