DEMO: LettersMarket Clipboard Button (LMCButton)

LMCButton - is a small and easy to use flash button which allows you to copy text to the clipboard with JavaScript. Cross-browser version, tested on: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari - Windows and Mac OS (Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome).

Custom caption: DEMO
Call custom JavaScript - DemoAlert()
Empty button:

You can paste text here:

How to use

1) Add small java script in the html page (this script contain two small functions: ShowLMCButton() and isNotEmpty() ):

<script type="text/javascript" src="lmcbutton.js"></script>

2) Call JS function: ShowLMCButton(cliptext, capt, js, furl) where you want to see LMCButton with parameters.


3) If you like our LMCButton, please place link to us:

Download LMCButton (Copy to Clipboard)

You can download LettersMarket Clipboard Button - LMCButton here: (9 kb, 3 files: demo_lmcbutton.html, lmcbutton.js, lmcbutton.swf)

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